“Eleven Other Reasons”– A Game of Reason

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To play this game you will need to make sure you have the following prerequisites:

  • A willingness to give the benefit of the doubt
  • A sense of wonder / curiosity
  • A desire to work with others
  • An assumption of goodwill
  • A sense of humor

Okay, now you’re ready to play!

Any time something happens to you, and you or someone you are with is about to say: “This happened BECAUSE of ___________.”


Any time you get a negative response to your request for help or assistance, and your mind is about to say: “He/She reacted this way BECAUSE of ___________.”

React by playing this game. . .

  1. Start with whatever happened:
  • For instance: Tom didn’t return my message

And your reaction was about to be. . . “BECAUSE he doesn’t like me”


  • For instance: Tom said he couldn’t help me move next Saturday

And your reaction was about to be. . . “BECAUSE he doesn’t like me”

  1. QUICKLY think of 11 other reasons it might have happened or why you received a “no”.
  • After your initial list of possibilities runs out, let silly and absurd ideas come into your mind.
  • We bet that, often, you’ll end up laughing before you get to eleven.
  • Realize it’s not about you!

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