Agenda Sample - 45-60 minutes

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Agenda Overview

  • What is a personal safety net (PSN)?
  • Why is a PSN vital to our well-being and our ability to navigate life and PSN its challenges and changes with resiliency and support?
  • 8 Pillars of Resilience
  • Using a Wallet Cards


1) A Personal Safety Net Diagram; 2) Columns of a PSN; 3) A Personal Survey; 4) Sample Wallet Cards; 5) The Power of Three – A Wallet Card Explained.

(Times for each section are approximate)

1. Introductions / book / workbook (on line) (10+ minutes)

2. Personal Survey

This activity begins with a teacher using some or all of the questions with students, asking them to stand up or raise hands if in agreement. (8 minutes) Folowing the exercise the handout may be distributed to participants.


3. What is a personal safety net? (30-40 minutes)


a. Why a PSN is relevant in your life:

  • Replacing fear and isolation with security, connection and community.
  • Knowing how you are interconnected helps you work with others - to help them connect!
  • We all have basic needs: 1) to be seen 2) to be heard 3) to matter to someone else - (We need to get others involved – which means asking for help. We need to get others involved (they need us too)
  • You matter to you, as leader in your own life, in others’ lives, in work, in community – (You will need to get good at asking!)

Independence, then interdependence.

Our goal: independence through interdependence – on individual, family, community and business/organizational levels

  • Change from “Sitting/Reacting” versus “Acting/Planning” (Planning – Avoid Denial)
  • A balanced life is healthier, more resilient, and stronger than one in which some “corners” or aspects are better developed than others

b. How do we define a PSN:

  • People
  • Plans
  • Resources (Other inner and outer resources (can be people or organizations or affiliations: helps w/response.

4. Making PSN Personal to You: Filling out a PSN circle Demonstrate a PSN –


Your first small foray into this world is to complete a “Wallet Card” – which requires you to do some thinking, planning, and asking – Here’s how . . . .

(GIVE OUT: WALLET CARDS & USE The Power of Three – A Wallet Card Explained HANDOUT)

** BETWEEN knowing what supports your PSN – having a team to help is an ASK! - - Usually No Time with this time-frame

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