Belief System (Compassion & Hope)

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Belief System: By belief system we mean all aspects of your beliefs that keep you buoyant and hope-filled. This includes whatever in your life that brings forth more compassion or increases your awareness of the abundance around you. Is it a specific religion or spiritual tradition? Is it reading certain poets or wisdoms? Is it walking in nature, being around pets, listening to certain music? Is it keeping a “Gratitude Journal”? This part of your personal safety net includes all classical spiritual activity and/or that which feeds your soul!

Pay attention, since spending time in this fashion on a regular basis will truly enhance all other other parts of your life. What we "feed" our minds, our mouths, our ears, our eyes, and our bodies has an effect.

Think about what it is that keeps your spirits up - can you get more? What causes you to feel down? Can you diminish this? Help keep the nuturing parts of your Personal Safety Net moving forward. Place information about these beliefs and wishes in a place where you, and those you want to have the information, will be able to access it.

  • What practices do you employ or use to keep you grounded and bouyant?
  • How do I take care of my mind, mouth, ears, eyes, and body?
  • What, if any, is your religious background or affiliation?
  • Who are the people who support you?
  • What charitable organizations do I love?
  • Do I have a preference when it comes to end of life decisions?