Certified Teachers

PSN Teacher Certification Program

Our Certified Teachers have gone through a set of structured trainings, using the curricula, exercises, and other PSN materials. We've trained and vetted them, and we can confidently certify their ability to successfully conduct or facilitate groups of people learning to create their own personal safety nets or to help another for whom they care. To set up a PSN training for your organization or community, please feel free to contact any of our Certified Teachers directly.

Ben Kaufman served as Managing Director for Personal Safety NetsĀ® for the past 7 years. During this time he facilitated more than 200 PSN seminars for organizations, businesses and individuals. Most recently he presented PSN seminars at eight King County Libraries. Ben was a high school history and English teacher, and later held a position as both a Principal and Superintendent. Ben has a Master's degree in Counseling and Student Personnel Administration and a BA in American Studies. He is available to teach PSN to any group within Washington, Oregon or nationwide. Fees are based on the size of the group and organization, and are negotiable. You can reach Ben at nukaufman@comcast.net.

Caroline W. Sherman, M.S. is the Owner of Handy Admin, Office Nerd for Hire. She delights in guiding non-profit organizations and business owners to greater productivity using simple organizing techniques, informal coaching, and modern technology. She has facilitated retreats and workshops for several local organizations, designed and delivered classes at the UW School of Social Work and Microsoft, and jump-started her neighborhood Block Watch. Through Context Associated she has completed the Excellence Series, Mastery, and Leadership Skills Training programs. Caroline has co-led PSN trainings through the Seattle First Baptist Church and is available to teach PSN in the Seattle area for $100 an hour. You can reach Caroline at Caroline@handyadmin.com.

Margaret "Peach" Jack is a Life Purpose Coach and Director of Congregational Engagement at the Seattle First Baptist Church. Peach is a Master Transformational and Certified Life Coach with particular interest in aging, life transitions and vocational calling, having had specialized coursework in spirituality and counseling theory. She received her Master's Degree in Transformational Leadership from Seattle University in 2011, where she was a coordinator for the Continuing Education Network and an administrator in the Pastoral Leadership Program at the School of Theology and Ministry. Peach is available to speak/train for $150 an hour, as a Life Purpose Coach/session leader, with a minimum of 2 hours, in a congregational setting. You can reach Peach at Peach@seattlefirstbaptist.org.

Michele Anciaux Aoki, Ph.D., works for Seattle Public Schools as International Education Administrator, supporting Seattle's ten International Schools and World Language and Global Education programs throughout the district. Following in the footsteps of her parents, Kathy and Bill Sellars, who were pioneers as parent advocates for the education of children with developmental disabilities, Michele has devoted herself to developing and expanding the non-profit organization that Kathy helped cofound in 2000, Lifetime Secure Personal Assistance Network (LifeSPAN). Through her work with families with loved ones with a disability and her own experience with breast cancer in 2007, Michele has come to understand the importance for everyone of developing and nurturing a Personal Safety Net. She is pleased to offer workshops on Personal Safety Nets through LifeSPAN (www.lifespan-wa.org). All speaking and training fees will benefit LifeSPAN. If you are interested, please contact her at michele@lifespan-wa.org.

Rachel Rosenman has spent over 15 years building, cultivating and facilitating meaningful relationships between people, providing small and large group facilitation, helping others navigate ambiguous and emergent situations, and holds significant experience engaging in multi-stakeholder collaborations leading to social change. She values integrity, open communication, deep and active listening, community-building, trust, reflective practice, fun, creativity, attention to detail and collaboration. Rachel has an M.A. in Organizational Development from Antioch University Seattle, and a B.A. in Psychology with a focus on Women's Studies from Brandeis University. She is most interested in introducing PSN to folks within organizational settings, but is open to a plethora of other opportunities and community groups as well, all within the Greater Seattle Area. Fees are based on the size of group and organization and are negotiable. You can reach Rachel at choreoray@gmail.com.

Sue Mackey is internationally known for her work in skill standards, hard and soft skill core competencies. She lectures and teaches on soft skills, life and work ready. Founder of The Mackey Group, Seattle based firm, she was a business columnist for twenty years and she has authored ten books, all soft skill related. They include: Living Well, Working Smart: Soft skills for Success, Women Navigating Adversity: The Courage They Didn't Know They Had, Oh, Yes, You Can! A How to Guide for Rebuilding Confidence and Achieving Success and Kids Navigating Life Workbooks. If you are interested, please contact her at slmackey@mackeygroup.com.

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