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We feel stronger and safer because of our own personal safety nets. Having taken opportunities to prepare, we’ve pulled safety nets together, taken control of changes and challenges, created care-share teams, and been supported in ways that have surprised and enriched us.

We hope that you, too, have come to believe in the power and strength of taking control during changing, challenging, and uncertain times. We’ve selected the stories as examples of the many inspiring people and events we’ve encountered. We think they show the personal courage and flexibility that can surface in recognizing a desire for help and asking for it.

We hope we’ve demonstrated that it is a real gift to yourself and your loved ones when you bring this courage and honesty forward.

Are you now ready to create your own safety net? Or to strengthen the one you have? We hope so.

Are you now more prepared to be a member of a care-share team? Do you have a better sense of what one can do? Do you have a vision of what the beginning, middle, and end of a care-share team might look like?

Do you feel more personal flexibility and freedom to participate in ways that both work for you and still contribute to the care-share team? We hope so.

If you’re starting to develop an image of our communities covered by interlocking and overlapping networks of safety nets, then once again we have been successful. We see a world covered by large and small connecting and overlapping safety nets. We are buoyed, inspired, and made bolder by this image—and hope you are, too.

  • Take Control.
  • Get Ready.
  • Get Connected.