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Resilience helps Denise through Tough Times

Just months shy of retirement eligibility, having dedicated over 19 years of loyalty to her employer, Denise was told she'd been an exemplary manager but her services were no longer needed, effective immediately. In a moment, Denise went from being the primary income earner for her family to the ranks of the unemployed.

As she packed her personal belongings, her head reeling in disbelief, her thoughts immediately turned to concerns - about her family's financial future. Denise wondered how she would handle her third life altering loss in less than ten months - first the loss of her beloved mother from cancer, then her father's recent diagnosis of cancer, and now the loss of her livelihood. Her senses were overwhelmed.

As Denise made the lonely trek to her car, carrying a box of memories, wondering how her bills would get paid, how she would deal with this abysmal job market, she rehearsed how she was going to explain this loss to her family. Deep hurt, despair and a feeling of loneliness flooded her being. How had so many years of hard work, dedication, loyalty and trust been so easily dismissed? She was sure the natural reaction of everyone in this situation was anger and disappointment - and she was no different.

As she sat in her car her fears and anxieties were interrupted. It wasn't like her to drift into negative thoughts, and she knew she had no time for self pity. Her family counted upon her too much. Denise, almost speaking out loud, asked herself: "What do I have?" She reflected upon those who had and could support and help her. She had her loving and supportive family and she had cherished friends. She had her faith, which had not failed her. She also had passions not yet pursued.

As the parking lot faded into the distance she turned to her faith for answers to what had been planned for her. She sought courage to adapt and to be resilient in order to embrace the opportunities in her future. Denise decided she was not going home to face her family with her head down. She would focus upon her personal safety net, with all its support, and the road in front of her. She was certain that all had not been lost.