Watching for Stumbling Blocks: Demonstrating Attitudes & Behaviors

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From Personal Safety Nets® Getting Ready for Life’s Inevitable Challenges and Changes“ by Dr. John W. Gibson and Judy Pigott.

We have observed that when care-team members demonstrate the following attitudes and behaviors, they allow care receivers to develop and use their strength, flexibility, and resourcefulness.

• Openly and honestly communicating with the care partner.

• Clarifying roles, expectations, and limits.

• Communicating, negotiating, and partnering with him about what each will attempt to do.

• Being consistent and dependable, feeling responsible to but not for him.

• Doing your best to clarify assumptions and ask for feedback.

• Remembering to reach for humor and humility when other tools elude you.


Think: Can you separate being needy from asking for help?

List: What scares you? List even the fears that sound silly.

Get help: If you’ve seriously or specifically considered suicide, call 911 or your crisis center.