Young Employees - Ask for Help!

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Edited by Personal Safety Nets® from Carolyn Kepcher’s article in the NY Daily News, September 2, 2011.

Do you want to know our PSN advice? Here it is . . . do a better job of welcoming the wise counsel of others: ASK.

Research shows YOU act upon advice at a much higher rate when you ask for it, as opposed to when it is unsolicited. You could benefit from asking more often, and from varied sources. Don’t assume that you always know what is best for our "unique" situation. Don’t be afraid of looking weak. Don’t give in to bashfulness. Have courage and ASK!

The new employee/graduate student is an excellent example - she didn't want to listen to people. When it comes to a particular workplace, everyone who has been there a while is an expert and part of your “work family.”

In other words, ask for advice – use the knowledge of the team that surrounds you – build a safety network! Sometimes it's about putting aside what you know, just for a moment, to ask for a different perspective. Workplace scenarios that seem challenging and difficult have probably played out many times before. Even the advice and experience of others that does not offer a solution can be valuable - at least you'll know what won't work.