Metaphors and Similes

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What’s in a name? How does it sound if it’s one of these? Would you suggest another?

  • A Personal Board of Directors
  • The Consultation Group
  • A Peer-review Board
  • An on-board Crew
  • A 12-Step Program
  • Your Mentoring System
  • A “Bull Pen”
  • Your Cohort
  • A Management Team
  • A Care-share Team
  • A Support Group

To Ask, or Not to Ask? Do you?

  • Ask for advice?
  • Float ideas?
  • Show independence by doing it yourself?
  • Solicit input?
  • Invite others’ expertise?
  • Expand horizons?
  • Scream “help me!”?

When to Use It? Different issues? Different times? Different groups?

  • When asked for a loan, or to co-sign?
  • Evaluating a plan for a family member’s business?
  • Buying a house or making donations?
  • When choosing an advisor or school or new career?
  • When moving, planning an event, or evaluating an “opportunity”?

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