Seven Tips for Vigilant Home Safety

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Seven Tips for Vigilant Home Safety:

  1. Open lines of sight on your property. Not only make sure you can see out, but ensure your neighbors have adequate visibility of your home and access points.

  2. Exterior lighting needs to be bright enough to see 100ft from your home. Light up entry points. Consider motion sensor lights in less frequented areas on your property.

  3. Using inside lighting timers or home automation are great ways to bring life or perceived occupancy to your home when you are away.

  4. Never hide spare keys near your door or in the glove box of your car.

  5. Let at least one of your trusted neighbors know when you will be away from your home for an extended amount of time.

  6. Make sure your house number is visible from the street.

  7. Consider using alarm company signs and decals as a deterrent.