Strength in my Personal Safety Net means strength in me.

Personal Safety Nets

Each of us is surrounded by people we can count on,

and people who can count on us - whether we know it or not.

Personal Safety Nets is a pragmatic way of preparing for the surprises in 

life by building a plan to increase resourcefulness and resilience

for you and those you care about.

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"Funny how situations that seem initially as overwhelming can be less so, with the love and support of friends, and by taking action."

-B. J. Bullert

"A Plan Beats a Panic Every Time."

-Jane Bryant Quinn

"I’ll always be grateful for reading “Personal Safety Nets” and the help and guidance it provided when my father was ill."

-Rachael Weakland

"Your presence, respect, clarity helped build community on the spot."

-NEST (North East Seattle Together) seminar attendee

"Our Called to Care Board is so very grateful for your wonderful workshop.  All who attended learned so much of value, and we hope to put it to good use in creating personal safety nets for ourselves. You have a special ministry in this work!"

-Jan Kinnier, Richmond Beach Congregational United Church of Christ

"It's helpful to learn to be intentional about things we take for granted - that's the real value of this training."

-Camp Fire USA seminar attendee

"I wish everyone had this training!"

-NAVOS seminar attendee

"Every congregation should address this."

-Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry seminar attendee

"Once you begin thinking about it, there are numerous opportunities to make Personal Safety Nets work within your own life and the lives of the people you love."

-James J. Marshall-Ward, Executive Director, Rosehedge/Multifaith Works

"Thank you for writing your book Personal Safety Nets. I'm sure that I will read it a number of times over the next several years and draw new lessons from it each time."

-Jeff Greene

This is my plan.

These are my people.

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Learn more from this curriculum used by people looking to strengthen their connections with others for life.


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