As Personal Safety Nets (PSN) has been transitioning we've attempted to compile all we've learned onto this website, in a way that is useful to as many as possible. We're also attempting to address a concern that you, the reader or teacher, might think that what we are giving you as suggestions for your consideration are prescriptions or guarantees. No. That's not what we've meant to do.

PSN has been defined as value-based pragmatism. Though based on a set of values, we know that you will perhaps hold differing ones. It is yours that will guide your decisions. Recognizing that one size does not fit all, and that what will work for some will not work for all, PSN's purpose is to introduce you to ideas and processes, along with suggested actions. Only you can decide what is acceptable and workable at this time for you, your family and those you care for. We encourage you to seek professional help or guidance when in doubt, especially in regard to financial, legal or psychological issues. We wish you all the best in balancing individual responsibility with the security and power of collective action.