Problem-Solving Scenarios

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Group Action Exercise

Note: These scenarios can be used in a class situation (assign individuals and/or groups to do one or more) and follow up with a discussion for the entire class, or simply considered by the classroom in an open discussion. They can also be given as homework or research assignments.

  • You're attending AA meetings. Tonight a new friend invites you to a bar.
  • Your car breaks down. You're in South Dakota, heading for Seattle. You don't have enough cash to fix it.
  • You're very sad & feeling "life's just too much."
  • Your relative is moving into the area and wants/expects to live with you.
  • Your child gets chickenpox/pink eye/lice.
  • You lose your job, and checking around you know you need new skills.
  • You haven't been feeling too good. At the doctor's visit, you learn it's pneumonia.
  • The place you live is being sold. You need a new place to live.
  • Your roommate is getting on your nerves. Their behavior is not what you both agreed upon when you moved in together.
  • Your childcare provider loses their license.
  • You're in a class but having trouble. It's week 2 and there's a test in two more weeks.
  • You want support as you create an effective Personal Safety Net for yourself – there's no immediate need.
  • You want help in crafting a PSN for your parents.
  • You want to help your college-age daughter think through PSN as she goes off to college.
  • Your child is leaving home for the Peace Corps / military – what might be a good PSN approach?

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