Summary of Chapter 2: Think It Through

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Your life will change, maybe not today or tomorrow, but it will change. Your life is always changing, sometimes in unexpected or unwanted ways. Are you prepared? Not sure? This chapter helps you think about the ‘what ifs’ and provides you with a foundation to start preparing.

With this in mind, ask yourself: Is the life change I am going through, or planning for, one where seeking out more resources or asking others for help could improve outcomes? Remember, planning for the worst-case scenarios also prepares you for a variety of less drastic situations. It is an approach that will help prepare you to take advantage of support, resources and opportunities to make your life better despite the changes and challenges.

If you can see that planning or dealing with current or future challenges and changes will not be easily tackled alone, it's time to build a team. If you see others are having trouble dealing with their challenges or changes, it may be time for you to help create or become part of their PSN team. Besides helping with big situation, PSN teams can also function to help you focus on weight loss strategies, heighten your spirits, build your resilience and help you deal more effectively with emotions.

The research is overwhelming. We work better together and we all need what other human beings have to offer.

  • All of us have a basic need to be in relationship with significant others - it is life enhancing to share feelings, laughter, needs, hopes and fears.
  • We have a basic need to be recognized and valued.
  • We all have a need to nurture and to be nurtured, to love and to be loved and to receive and to give care.

Start today – think it through. Imagine having a team to assist and support you, or imagine you assisting and supporting someone. Who might be included in a PSN team and how might they help? How might you be able to help another?

We are not made for hoarding our time, talent, or treasure, rather, we are channels made for sharing.