Book Chapter Summaries

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Since all of Personal Safety Nets relates to compassionate connection, we’ve included summaries of the book’s chapters as a caring gift to to you, to possibly make your life easier. Maybe you don’t have time to read the whole book on teamwork, but you’ve had someone tell you that there is something in it that will be helpful for whatever is going on in your life. Here’s a pretty easy way to find out. Or maybe you have read the book before and now want a quick refresher for a particular chapter. These summaries should do it. Or maybe you don’t like the stories that the book holds and just want the “meat”. These include no stories. Whatever your reason, here are chapter summaries for you. We hope they are useful.

Summary of Chapter 1: In the Beginning

Summary of Chapter 2: I Need You and You Need Me

Summary of Chapter 3: Asking and Organizing

Summary of Chapter 4: Putting a Team Together

Summary of Chapter 5: keeping your team going forward

Summary of Chapter 6: know what to expect

Summary of Chapter 7: Watch for Stumbling blocks

Summary of Chapter 8: prepare to say goodbye