Summary of Chapter 6: Know What to Expect

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Whether you have formed a care-share team for yourself or someone else – or even if you’re just contemplating whether or not to join a team, you can realistically assume that there will be surprises ahead. When you’re part of someone’s personal safety net, try to plan as best you can, but prepare for the unexpected. You may find yourself protecting the care partner’s privacy, feeling intense emotions, fighting stress and burnout, or simply wanting more time for yourself.

Chapter 6 encourages us to focus not only on what needs to get done but, just as important, to focus on people involved: their time, their skill sets and their emotional, mental and physical needs. Learning how to manage and participate in a team’s well-being is not a simple endeavor.

Chapter highlights:

  • Plan as best you can, but be prepared to encounter the unexpected.
  • Remember it takes a whole community to support both a care partner and a caregiver - that is what the care-share team is created to do. More people tackling the situation will lead to more chances of success for all parties involved.
  • Come upon all roles with the idea that those who often fare best are those who see themselves as in charge or their own health and who view physicians and caregivers as critical team members.
  • Ask for and accept help before there's a crisis. This is a huge favor for all involved.
  • Set aside some time to sit in a quiet place or turn attention inward to help recharge your care-giving batteries.
  • Organize, appreciate and give back!