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Our Founders

Judy Pigott has a wealth of extended, blended, and chosen family experiences in both leading and participating in care-share teams. She has an undergraduate degree in psychology from Skidmore College and a master’s degree in teaching from Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Her post-graduate studies at Seattle University focus on teaching English as an Additional Language. She also has training and experience in Hospice work and creating care-share teams. She is committed to fostering communities that nurture all participants physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

Dr. John W. Gibson has thirty-five years of experience as a counselor and coach, focusing on adult development, aging, and families. A graduate of both Columbia University and the University of Michigan, he holds degrees in psychology, social work, applied statistics and a specialization in aging, focusing on adult development and family relationships. He has been on the faculty at Columbia University and the University of Washington. John coaches and speaks on topics related to multigenerational family relationships, wellness and illness, and building networks and community. He has spoken internationally and has appeared on radio and television shows. John regularly consults with individuals and families.

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You can also see and hear more about Personal Safety Nets, as well as how the concept came to be, how it works for you, and how to get started with building your own PSN. Dr. John W. Gibson and Judy Pigott are captured on video. This video (be sure to scroll down to April 23, 2012) is called "Getting Ready for Life's Inevitable Changes and Challenges."

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