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Guest Speaking

Guest Speaking:
When we're invited by clubs, organizations, groups, employers, non-profits and others - often as part of a luncheon or dinner, or as part of a business workshop - we cover the basics of safety nets through engaging story telling and activities.

Sample guest speaking topics include: usually 30 to 60 minutes - 

1) Stronger Together by Building Your Personal Safety Net (or)

2) Keys to Living Well Forever (sample topics)

The audience leaves, entertained and with a sense of where to begin and how to move forward on their own Personal Safety Net experience.

Invite us to be part of your event and help your group become stronger together, by learning how to build a Personal Safety Net.

Each person also receives a free copy of our book, Personal Safety Nets: Getting Ready for Life's Inevitable Changes and Challenges. For scheduling or details please contact the office: 206-659-0665.

If you're interested in exploring a follow-up seminar, we'd be happy to visit you and discuss your unique situation.

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