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What We Do

PresentationWe offer FOUR programs which can be adjusted to fit your group, the community at large, work-place settings or educational institutions. We travel all-across the United States - wherre and when you need us!

You can learn more by printing out either of the attached brochures (PDF's), and can learn about our fee structure by printing out the Rate Structure and Confirmation (PDF) - all listed below. If you still have questions or want to create something special specifically for your group or organization - please call us at 206-659-0665. We'd love to talk with you!

1. Guest Speaking

Stronger Together by Building Your Personal Safety Net (or) Keys to Living Well Forever (sample topics) usually 30 to 60 minutes -
Invite Judy Pigott to speak to your club, organization or group and she'll cover the basics of safety nets through engaging story telling and activities. It's a great way to motivate your audience or get your program started.

The audience leaves with a sense of where to begin their own planning for the future and how to move forward. Each person also receives a free copy of our book -- how cool is that?!

2. Workshops

Pulling it all Together usually one workshop of 2 hours (can also be extended to 3 hours, or done in multiple sessions).
Through individual and group activities, participants are guided and empowered to take strategic steps toward building their own personal safety nets. This presentation is targeted to fit individual or group goals and needs. 

This highly interactive class helps participants gain the knowledge and skills to build and use their Personal Safety Net effectively. Each person also receives a free copy of our book.

3. Consultation/Keynotes

Consulting - We offer one-on-one and small group consultation to individuals, families and businesses. Our goal is to help you, your family and your staff develop a better system and plan for moving ahead with your personal and business life. Time together is based on an hourly rate and is negotiable.

We teach you and the groups you're connected with to find tools, knowledge and resources, which will prepare and organize you for life's upcoming challenges. Each person also receives a free copy of our book.

Keynotes - Led by Dr. John W. Gibson or Judy Pigott, who together have over 30 years experience, we offer highly individualized speaking topics for various events.  Past keynotes have dealt with multi-generational family relationships, conflict resolution, interfaith basis for care teams, and elder care, among many other issues. Each person also receives a free copy of our book.

4. Education & Workplace Training

Education - Not only do we offer classes for end users, but we also train designated instructors/staff, managers, HR professionals, and non-profit volunteers in Personal Safety Nets skills - which they can use in their workplaces and organizations. 

Personal Safety Nets staff will be there to assist you as you begin to implement these ideas with your employees and staff. Follow up sessions will also be included.

Workplace Training - You know when your employees are worried about home life or feel a lack of connection, their work suffers. Personal Safety Nets offers you a cost effective way to assist your staff and increase success and stability in their lives and workplaces. 

Personal Safety Nets staff can be there to assist with building an in-house outreach and assitance program to hlep your employees and staff use the PSN methodology to keep their lives in balance in an effort to cut work distractions and increase retention and work attendance. 

If you have any questions or want to meet to discuss your options, give us a call at Personal Safety Nets, 206-659-0665.

Click on the attachments to understand more about our services and how we may help you. And if you're a small business, open the One-on-One attachment to learn about how we can help create more interest in the services you offer.

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