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Better Together . . .

Make Your Life & Work A Success Story!

  We teach you, and the groups you're connected with, how to find the tools, knowledge & resources which will prepare and organize you for life's upcoming challenges and changes.

Whether you're dealing with a child leaving home, military deployment, operating a family business, child birth, a medical emergency, living in place, elder care, a dysfunctional workplace, or hundreds of other challenges, the end result of having a "personal safety net" in place is a more safe, secure, and satisfying life. With your plans, resources and people identified and informed, your whole life is more secure and connected, replacing fear and isolation with security and community.

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We present Personal Safety Nets® information to groups, clubs, community organizations, work-places, religious and educational institutions - in any state or city where we're needed. 

You can learn more about our fee structure by printing out the Rate Structure and Speaking Confirmation (PDF) - listed below at the bottom of this page. If you still have questions please call us at 206-659-0665. We'd love to talk with you!

Some of the organizations that have taken advantage of our workshops/seminars/classes are: ANEW, SSCC, Alki Arts, Antioch University, Foss Home, Americorps, Aging Your Way, Richmond Beach Congregation Church, WA Association Of Elder Law Attorneys, Rotary, Full Life Care, Jubilee Women's Center, Childhaven, United Way, UW –

Tacoma, BellevueSeniors, Senior Service Breakfast, Recovery Café, Illusion Hair Salon, Edmonds Universalist Church, City Of Tukwila, Merrill Gardens, Senior Companion Program, Seattle University, Heartworks, The Happiness Initiative, Cabrini Ministry, Freedom Church, National Association of Women MBA, Mulligan's Manor, NEST, and Cleveland High School.

You can learn so much more about the daily use of Personal Safety Nets - how they are developed, how they work, what are our concerns, and what you can achieve when you understand the concept - by reading our monthly Newsletters.

Getting Started Tools

All of our services are custom organized to fit the needs of your group or organization. We feature FOUR programs which can be used to fit your   group, the community at large, work-place settings or educational institutions. Personal Safety Nets® will: 1) serve as your guest speaker for a luncheon or gathering, 2) conduct a workshop or series of workshops to get your crew all on the same page, 3) serve as a consultant to your organization or provide a keynote address, or 4) provide educational or administrative training. Give us a call and we'll discuss what's best for you.

When building your own personal safety net you may need all kinds of information, and help organizing. We've taken away lots of the research and added some fun through a special section - of written materials, not computer applications - called Cool Free Downloads (CFD). You'll find information by these topics: Career Path, Community, Family & Friends, Finances, Health, Intellect, Spirit & Stuff of Life. Learn more.

It all started with the book: Getting Ready for Life's Inevitable Changes and Challenges by John Gibson and Judy Pigott. We offer the book as part of our workshops and events. You can also buy it here at a great  discount  for yourself, friends and family. For those who would rather listen than read - great in the car or on long trips, we also offer the complete book on CD audio. It's the same price as the book.

Big news is that our workbook: Get Ready/Get Started, also by Judy Pigott and Dr. John W. Gibson is NOW available to YOU for FREE. Simply download the entire workbook by clicking here - and you'll have all the pages, table of contents and the entire appendix. You can then choose to save or print off the pages and have them all for yourself. Now's the perfect time to get started on working on the forms and ideas you always wanted and needed.

Approximately ten times a year the staff at Personal Safety Nets® pulls together interesting stories, tips, answers to questions, upcoming events, downloads and more. If you sign up for our e-Newsletter, you'll never miss an edition - we email them (and nothing else) directly to you. You can also browse our e-newsletter library at any time to find past features and topics.

To help you see that we’re all better together, we feature stories contributed by readers and workshop participants, which express how personal safety nets® have made a difference in their lives. We also offer a chance for you to help others by sharing your own experience dealing with the unexpected. What worked well? What didn't work at all?

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