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Thumb's UpWhat's a "Cool Free Resource?"  It's cool (and very useful) because it does one or more of these things: it makes you think, helps you plan, provides you with new and unique information, helps assist you with solving problems, or simply makes you smile. 

We're always looking for useful and interesting articles, materials, lists, worksheets, and information to put in front of you.  You need not have Personal Safety Net expertise or knowledge to enjoy a Resource - our aim is to cover the bases of life's challenges.  

We start you out with a download (map) to show you the corners of your Personal Safety Net. Try downloading it first - it will tell you much about how we think about life here at PSN. Then we present information (we call it CFR/Cool Free Resources) that cover a wide variety of subjects and needs - all catergorized under the eight (8) general corners of your life: Career Path, Community, Family & Friends, Finances, Health, Intellect, Spirit, and the Stuff of Life.

You can also type into the "search" engine for a subject you're interested in (ie. food, housing) and see the CFR's that pop up.

We're continually adding new Resources - so check back from time to time.  We take suggestions, so feel free to write or send us your suggestions. 

Most of the Resources are in PDF format and can be read or printed by you at your convenience. Very rarely will we take you to another site to read a Resource - but if we do (as in the case of our story: "8000 Free College Courses") then you'll see: it's worth it!

Our biggest Cool Free Resource is our Workbook: Get Ready/Get Started, by Judy Pigott and Dr. John W. Gibson available to YOU for FREE.

Simply download the entire book by clicking here Personal Safety Nets Workbook.pdf - and you'll have all the pages, table of contents and the entire appendix. You can then choose to save or print off the pages and have them all for yourself - FREE. Now's the perfect time to get started on working on the forms and ideas you always wanted and needed to get down in writing. Filling out this workbook will get you started on the road to a complete and very useful personal safety net.

Download - Sides of a PSN.pdf128.77 KB
Download - Organizing Your Personal Safety Net Checklist.pdf306.91 KB

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