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Press Kit for the Media

Our Press Kit (below) includes background information, historical information and the concepts behind the organization and the book, Personal Safety Nets: Getting Ready for Life's Inevitable Changes and Challenges, and the companion workbook, Get Ready / Get Started

Our goal is to create an ever-expanding, more caring and connected world.  It starts with building a Personal Safety Net, which in today's world is more important than ever. The outpouring of human spirit regarding the books and workshops and the magnitude of readers wanting to tell their stories is heartwarming. It shows how much we all have a fundamental need for connection, especially when facing life's changes and challenges.

We have also provided a Client List and are happy to provide references from readers who have used our tools to weave their own Personal Safety Net.  Please contact us to request this service.

A Conversation with Judy Pigott & John Gibson.pdf135.38 KB
What Others Are Saying About Personal Safety Nets.pdf76.75 KB
Judy Pigott's Biography.pdf76.14 KB
Dr. John Gibson's Biography.pdf67.6 KB
Client List.pdf140.6 KB
Who We Are & What We've Set Out to Do.pdf94.25 KB
Press Release for Book Award.pdf69.38 KB
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