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The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2013

An issue closely related to Women's Month (March) recently came across our desk and piqued our interest. The Women's Media Center conducted a 2013 research project on the status of women in the US Media. What they found will help you see that equality of gender is still a goal rather than a reality.

To read the entire PDF click here or to read a summary of the findings, check out our Cool Free Download here.

How New College Graduates Can Build Security

Often "security" advise to college graduates deals specifically with learning about managing personal finances, taking immediate steps to budget and save, and maintaining those good habits. This is such advise - but with an addition: five other must-do tips.

Young Employees - Ask for Help!

Research shows YOU act upon advice at a much higher rate when you have for it, as opposed to when it is unsolicited. You could benefit from asking more often, and from varied sources. Don’t assume that you always know what is best for our "unique" situation. Don’t be afraid of looking weak. Don’t give in to bashfulness. Have courage and ASK!

Stay Away From Resume Mistakes

Even with computers and alternative new job-hunt methods, your résumé is still the most important tool, and required more than 95% of the time when seeking that new position. With so many résumé on the desk of HR officer or boss, you don’t want to be immediately eliminated because of mistakes. Appearance of your résumé is important – don’t kid yourself! So, in no particular order, we explain ten résumé mistakes to avoid when applying for a job.

Learning the 5 Phases of Retirement

With twice as many Americans born in 1955 than in 1935, millions are entering, passing through, or have completed mid life, and though retirement will be different for everyone, there are common phases to the process. It helps to understand these because it provides retirees with a language to put their feelings and experiences into words, and also provides a set of landmarks to help them judge where they are and what lies ahead.

8,000 College Courses for FREE - Tips On Lifelong Learning

No matter what your age – it’s never too late to take a college course – one that truly interests you (not one that’s required). And the great news is that you can take any of 8,000 college courses at the very best universities, with professors handpicked for their good teaching, at the time and place of your choice—FREE! Thanks to the generosity of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, and the work of the OpenCourseWare Consortium of universities worldwide, you can get the same courses others are paying $5,000 for right in the comfort of your living room. We offer you the information you'll need and some tips you’ll need to get you started.

Before Heading to College #1 - For Parents & Students

What support will your student need to have an adequate Personal Safety Net in place for when they are away at college and the unexpected turns up in her/his life? Most often you can't be available in person, and answers on the phone may not be enough. Parents and students should sit down and discuss the many corners of their safety net that will have to be supported once they leave their home. This is the first in a series of articles to help you get started - now, before they leave.

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